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Ty ThaGod - "Here We Go Again" | @iamtythagod

Six years ago the young artist Tyshon Hopkins aka Ty ThaGod graced the airwaves on LNK Radio on one of their first playlists with his single Rotation. The East Coast Native gave us West Coast Vibes through his lyrics and brought us back to the early 00's with the beats. In 2023 he keeps going in latest single Here We Go Again.

Since our last encounter with Ty ThaGod we see he has progressed as a lyricist and artist. His tone has gotten more mature and he looks to continuously prove that he will be the superior and come on top of his competition. Detailed in the song itself he looks to have people hear his voice and know his name, breakdown all doors and barriers in today's industry and make opportunities for people to eat. He points out the many inconsistencies in today's marketing and promotion and how the independent becomes poorer and poorer due to their misguided thoughts over how things in the industry should be as opposed to how the game is played. Ty did what he came to do painting a story for his audience to picture through his words.

With over 100,000 streams and hitting #24 on the urban charts we look forward to see what he is going to do next.

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