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[Video] Damien Sane ( @DamienSane) - “Yellow-Taped” x “Worth It”

Damien Sane Continues to Prove That An Artist Can Create a Buzz Independently

Damien Sane is a “Dirty South” artist representing real roadrunners out of Anniston, Alabama, who's been in the game for 13 years. After releasing three projects in January of this year, Damien has gained recognition for visuals off “Yellow Tape,” “Yellow Tap- Side B,” and Future-Shady Baby EPs. All of his content stems from real-life situations. During his career, he has managed to release several singles like "Man Named Marty, Hostile (feat. Allen Boi Yo & Tre Fre$hman) and Never Doubt Me (feat. Tre Fre$hman)."

In this situation, Damien Sane gives us a 2-for-1 with Candymann Flexx Rome which he engineered. The man can't go wrong with a talented roster. Mr. Sane dips into his R&B/Pop/Rap bag while still serving punchlines. Damien Sane is looking to drop his debut solo album at the top of the following year. Damien can be found on all social media and digital streaming platforms.


Stream Yellow Tape Side - B Here



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