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Over the last decade, we've seen that female artists have blown up in the hip-hop game more than ever. With Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion, and more we've seen a new influx of female artists. One of these up-and-coming females representing what seems to be the new culture of hip-hop to hit the main spotlight is YNG THUMPA. Hailing from Salisbury North Carolina, she is making a name for herself in the North Carolina Scene.

Her love for the music scene started in her teenage years. At the age of 16, her love became a passion and the rest is history. Thumpa's passion, work ethic, and overall persistence show

that she's going to be at the top with the best of the femcee. Her style brings high energy and overall professional-sounding work. Her unique voice and cadence play a huge role in what her fans love about this aspiring artist.

Thumpa has performed in some major venues and stadiums amongst the likes of Finesse 2Tymes, Kodak Black, and making various appreances to showcase her brand and show her fans that she's here to stay. The release of her latest project "Trench Baby" gave her fans what they been waiting for and what made them admire her skills and brand from the beginning. Hard hitting beats, raw vocals, and high energy. This truly showcases the skills that she's built from the bottom. On top of music, YNG Thumpa is looking at being on the big screen with her appearance on the up and coming reality show "Hotties of LA".

With all the hype and excitment and tv appearance Thumpa blesses her loyal following with new music. Her 2024 release of her newest single "Got It Like That". This release proves that nothing is standing in the young artists way. The record showcases that chill vibe

instrumental and summertime bop in the vocals. This record could be the highlight of Thumpas career as it poses to be a hit not only within radio but the hottest new club banger. Picture the fans all dancing and vibing to the hard hitting bass line, high energy vocals, and the overall party vibe of the record. This is destined to be successful and the record that brings YNG to the light.

Only time will tell how Thumpa will progress in the ever evolving hiphop scene. Her presentation speaks loud and shows that shes here to stay. Her delievery in her music proves that she's got what it takes. The overall brand brings success and showcases professionalism. There's no doubt that the world needs to know who YNG Thumpa is, as she's about to take the North Carolina scene to top.

Check out "Got It Like That"

Got It Like ThatYng Thumpa

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