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[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] $hynePhre$h Interview | IG @Shynephresh_thagreat

Platinum Radio Online artist spotlight on $hynePhre$h

Platinum Radio Online: What's up $hynePhre$h, how has your 2021 been treating you?

$hynePhre$h: It’s been fairly decent. I can’t complain.

Platinum Radio Online: Tell us about your new single "Ugly".

$hynePhre$h: Well it’s a Mixture of hype and truth. Fun song with the catchy Hook and Vibes all day. Crazy acoustics and percussions that’ll just bring the energy out of anyone.

Platinum Radio Online: Who did you work with for the single?

$hynePhre$h: Just me, I wrote and recorded the single myself.

Platinum Radio Online: What would you say is your favorite bar or line from the single?

$hynePhre$h: “Who’s gon fuck with me, I don’t fear nothing but the man above. It’ll get ugly”. Most definitely my favorite.

Platinum Radio Online: Who's playing the single right now? Any DJs or stations that you would like to plug and shout out that have been supporting "Ugly"?

$hynePhre$h: Well this is a brand new heater that’s not really had a fair chance at exposure yet. So no one is spinning it other than Spotify. But for sure you know once people catch wind. I guarantee everyone’s going to trend it.

NOTE TO THE READER: After press time, it has been confirmed that prominent party / event DJ in Charlotte, NC and the official Blacktopia DJ, DJ WolfFFF (Rob Thurman) has the record and has gotten behind the single.

STREAM "UGLY" by $hynePhre$h on Spotify

Platinum Radio Online: What plans do you have after "Ugly"? What's the next single?

$hynePhre$h: Well the plan is to consistently progress. So I have so many Bangerz, I really don’t know. I really like “Red and Blue”, That’s a song I have on YouTube that’s currently growing. So most likely it’ll be it. Unless I have a change of heart somewhere along the lines.

Platinum Radio Online: What projects do you have now? What are you working on?

$hynePhre$h: Like I said, I have tons of projects. I have a home studio so it’s work being done every day.

Platinum Radio Online: Can we expect any collaborations soon?

$hynePhre$h: Not at the moment. I am solo Dolo, but in the future I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing some features.

Platinum Radio Online: What do you have planned for 2022?

$hynePhre$h: A complete take over.


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