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[NEWS] The war rages on: Drake vs Hiphop

As 2024 continues into the 4th month of the year, some drama has been escalating and has shown the true sides of many top names in the hip-hop industry. The groundwork was laid with the release of Drake's single "First Person Shooter" featuring J. Cole, released in October 2023. This was the first shot for this blockbuster battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar and lays out the battleground for what's expected to be a heated battle. Drake referred to Kendrick, himself, and J. Cole as the “big three” of rap.

Kendrick reignited the feud that was started in late October, with his verse on Metro Boomin and Future's #1 hit "Like That" and rejected the thought of them being the "big three" and stating that it's just him. Alongside this release, J. Cole hit the news and faced some criticism from some hip-hop heads for retracting his diss track. Kendrick aimed for Cole's

tragic last album and accused the artist of seeking attention. Cole mentioned in the speech that he was pressured into making a diss because the world wanted to see it. This made the majority of the hip-hop community question if Cole is going to last in the genre because as most know, hip-hop was based around beefing/battling their counterparts.

Rick Ross, entered the battle when Drake shot some stray shots at him on his track titled "Push Ups". This battle seems to be getting more and more heated than the initial beef

between Kendrick and Drake. Ross accused Drake of getting a nose job and a procedure on his abs. There was a point in the track where Ross said that Drake was a "BBL" (“BBL” is a slang acronym for Brazilian butt lift). The next artist to join the fight was The Weeknd. The Weeknd you ask? Yes, Weeknd joined the battle as he was the target on a line in Drakes's "Push Ups" track. Released on April 9th, The Weeknd mentioned on the track "All To Myself" I thank god that I never signed my life away. Some say this was about Drake trying to sign him back in 2010.

AI has officially entered the hip-hop scene differently. Drake used AI-generated voices of Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur on his latest track "Taylor Made" which was released April 19th. Kayne West joined the fold over the weekend where he made a remix to Metro Boomin and Future's track "Like That". He added his verse bashing him for his deal with Universal. During the verse, he aimed at Drake and J. Cole's music.

This beef is ongoing, and no one knows where it's going or how it's going to end up. Time will only tell. Drake is a veteran of hip-hop at this point, so it's only right that he finishes what he started. We'll keep you updated as time goes on, so check back for any new news.


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