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[ NEWS ] Coi Leray Cuts Ties With Her Own Father

Coi Leray announced yesterday that she's officially done with her father, Benzino, after his "Free R. Kelly" stance. Benzino has been making headlines for his recent ongoing feud with Eminem, but this headline hits a little close to home.

Benzino stated in a most recent interview that he feels that R. Kelly should have a second chance because "Them parents knew what to expect with R. Kelly". This set off Coi Leray to cut ties with Benzino once again. She feels like she's guilty by association doesn't want to be a part of this and doesn't agree that he should be released from prison.

R. Kelly is serving a 20-year sentence in his sexual misconduct conviction, and Leray believes that where he should stay. She went to "X" to clear her name stating "I don't want nothing to do with what my father has going on"

This isn't the first time she's cut ties with her father but also stated that she hasn't spoken to him in over a year. The first signs of this disownment were back in 2021 on her single "No More Parties" where she felt let down by Benzino as a father.



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