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Sexyy Red Defends her Performance at St. Louis High School

Jane Anand Nierah Wherry known as Sexyy Red was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She gained mainstream attention after releasing "Pound Town" produced by Tay Keith, the song was remixed by Nicki Minaj.

Sexyy Red has provided a reaction to the situation surrounding her appearance at a St. Louis high school.

The controversy sparked as a video emerged that has her entering the gymnasium, supposedly making gang-related hand signs, and flipping off the students. “Inappropriate” was stated by critics on Twitter regarding her performance, leading to questions about the school's judgment in inviting her.

Many have highlighted that her music is renowned for its explicit and sexual content, a feature that they find inappropriate for a high school setting.

Despite that, Red made a statement on Twitter to clarify her visit's intent. She clarified that her purpose for being there was to support a charitable cause, aiming to contribute to the student's upcoming prom.

About her history of requiring assistance with prom-related costs, she mentioned the possibility of supplying funds specifically for boy’s haircuts and girl's accessories.

The social media response to her explanation was a mix of opinions. Some appreciated her efforts to give back and considered her gesture thoughtful and sweet. The rest of the people continued to voice their disapproval of her music and behavior, asserting that her 'vulgar' image is not worthy of admiration solely based on a charitable action.

During this controversial time, Memphis rapper NLE Choppa took a stand for Red for people to abandon hatefulness and embrace her music and positive vibes.

He highlighted the significance of achieving harmony between serious music and more playful, entertaining tracks such as Sexyy Red's "Pound Town."

During previous interviews, Sexyy Red discussed her perspective on the criticism she encounters. She confidently stays true to herself and empowers others not to be swayed by anyone into hiding their authentic selves.

The ongoing conversation about Sexy Red's presence in high school indicates the ongoing disagreement concerning the appropriateness of artists with explicit content performing at educational institutions.

Sexyy Red remains devoted to her principles and continues to generate excitement as one of the upcoming talents in Hip Hop.



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