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EB Marie "CX4 Can't Compare to You" [New Video]

In a realm dominated by oversaturated trap and drill music, one female artist emerges as a beacon of innovation. Hailing from Minnesota, EB Marie unveils her highly anticipated visual masterpiece, sending shockwaves through the masses. With an album in the pipeline, this femcee ignites conversation with her latest visual, "CX4". The visual exudes dominant energy as EB Marie strides alongside her companion, adorned with a collar and leash. From the opening frames, it's evident that EB Marie means business.

As the song unfolds, echoes of Cardi B reverberate through the airwaves. Marie, draped in angelic wings and a striking black ensemble, embodies a timeless Victoria's Secret Angel aesthetic. But make no mistake, her penmanship is formidable. The visual and accompanying track serve as a reminder not to underestimate her lyrical prowess, emphasizing that everyone in the rap industry is fair game. Within a week, the video amassed 3,500 views, a testament to her burgeoning star power following her previous hit, "Star".

The world has yet to witness the full extent of the greatness that the St. Paul native has to offer. "CX4" is now available on all digital platforms. Experience it for yourself below.


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