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[Entertainment News] United Music Mafia is a force to be reckon with | @UnitedMMafia

No matter what artist you listen to in the music industry what’s the one thing that they all have in common? They are all signed to a record label. Record labels make the artist the worldwide sensation that we hear today. Yes, artists can push themselves without the backing of a record company, but record companies play a key role in an artist’s career. United Music Mafia is that next “Artist Powerhouse” in the music industry. With artists in Rap, Hip Hop, RnB, Metal, Latin, Country, Gospel, Soul, comedy and EDM, UMM is looking to create a legacy that everyone knows.

UMM was establish in early 2020 with the goal of creating a successful brand. What sets UMM apart from other labels is the fact that put their faith and effort into the underdogs.

Indie artists that need a home can turn to UMM because their foundation is about bringing indie artists to success. Sean Whitlow, CEO and Founder, stated that his overall goal is to “Bring Platinum Style Marketing and Promotions” to the artists they sign. With a roster of 10 artists, UMM is growing. Outside of music, which will set UMM apart from the rest, is they don’t just deal with music. They also are now dealing with Comedy with Funny Bone Mafia and UMMAC (United Mixed Martial Arts Club). These foundations are what will bring UMM and its subsidies to a whole new level for most brands like this.

Mr. Whitlow’s vision for his brand is showing a lot or versatility in what he aims to achieve. From Music to martial arts, to comedy, etc. What can we expect from the United Mafia brand? A lot can be said, are they moving to videos, tv, are they going to do radio, etc. The

questions remain unanswered and will be shown in the years to come. Sean has mentioned they have started a streaming service called “You Slade” so this is the beginning of something bigger in the visual side of the industry.

A lot can be said about what United Mafia Brand, but one thing is that can be mentioned is he has high hopes for a entertainment empire. Most will feel he’s sold out, most will feel he’s doing to much. It’s uncertain where he’ll go from here, but he’s not stopping. He travels the world to let everyone know about his brand, and hosting events to bring awareness to what he has going on. Regardless ho how people feel, the ambition to be successful is what drives this brand to be over the top. So we should just sit back, and see where it goes, because you never know this may be next wave that the music industry has been waiting for.

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