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[Featured Artist] LANDO - IG: @BMGLando

If you aren't familiar with rising R&B vocalist LANDO by now then you certainly will very soon! Lando is a Saint Louis, MO based singer who's new single "Unbreakable" has been climbing up the charts, getting lots of major support from DJs, radio stations (commercial / terrestrial as well as podcasts) and listeners from around the nation. Lando's "Unbreakable" is being featured on many websites, e-publications and high trafficking blogs such as Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, Bless the Mic Magazine, Black Vibes, Blacktopia, The Media Blast, DJ Soundz Grate's Sine Wave and more!

Lando has been a guest on many prestigious podcasts recently to promote his single such as Lovely's World hosted by comedienne Lovely Browne, The Digital Meet and Greet hosted by JT of The Elite Life and "Some Guy Named Jay", Making Connections with Aly & Shay, and many many more. Lando just wrapped an interview with Radiah Johnson for her upcoming All Access Radio show that will aire very soon, so keep checking back for more updates.

According to various digital music trackers and charts, Lando's single has been the "Most Added Single" on many charts, competing with many mainstream artists.

Lando is also a very talented actor as well, be on the look out for acting roles starring the young talented artist very soon!

Back on June 19th coming on the heels of the Juneteenth festivities, R&B singer and Big Money Gettas recording artist Lando was a featured guest on the prestigious DIGITAL MEET AND GREET on BLOGTALK RADIO's PODCASTS ON DEMAND NETWORK hosted by James "JT" Thompson and Some Guy Named Jay.  During the Digital Meet and Greet, Lando plugged his latest single "Unbreakable", informed the listeners of his upcoming single "Beautiful" and answered a lot of the fans, and listeners questions.  Many callers called in to network with the bring young vocalist, many of them heavy hitters and heavyweights in the entertainment and media business such as Aly of the Making Connections Radio Show, podcaster and comedienne Lovely Browne, comedienne and performer Grandma ReRe, Radiah Johnson of the upcoming All Access Radio, singer Allen Phillips, Kim Dynasty and many many more!  The Digital Meet and Greet is now available to stream on iTunes at the direct link below

If you have an android device you can listen to the playback of The Digital Meet and Greet on BlogTalk Radio at

To get more information on Lando please visit his promotional blog and the official Big Money Gettas website

Follow Lando on INSTAGRAM at


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