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Platinum Spotlight: Jamel Deon "Hustle With Me" | @Jamel_Deon

When you hear the word “Hustle” what comes to mind? Drugs? Illegal activity? This term is so underestimated and the judgmental mindset clouds everyone’s minds. The urban definition of hustle is “Working hard, usually towards the common goal of creating an income.” This definition explains that it’s more than just the negative reputation that people have created. “Get Your Hustle On” is the next powerhouse movement and something everyone can vibe to.

Jamel Deon, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, now currently residing in Arizona is the newest wave. With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship, he’s taking the definition of hustler to a whole new level. His definition of the term isn’t what everyone labels it as. His definition is something everyone can be proud to say that they are. His version of a hustler is somebody who, no matter what is that you do just go out and get it. Whether you work a regular 9-5, run your own business, hustle on the side just make your money and reach your goals. The #HustleWithMe trend is a powerhouse statement which in tales his newest single “Hustle with Me”.

Today’s music doesn’t bring much motivation today's youth, but Jamel Deon can say that his words can uplift anyone trying to create a wave themselves. Deon for sure shows that he’s ready to take on the world and waves for himself. With his previous single “The Breather” Jamel plays a major role in the growth of his brand and hip hop in the independent scene. The merchandise, the single, the #HustleWithMe brand all together is the phenomenon trending social media. Check out “Hustle With Me” below.



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