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[NEW MUSIC] J-RO Featuring ScarFace, Von Won, & Paul Alba "Heaven" | @JROPulliam

Life throws us many curve balls, some big some small, but the mindset that you have will determine the outcome no matter what situation you are in. Hip hop has evolved in so many ways, but the most underrated sub-genre that most people do not know about would be the “Gospel Hip-hop” genre. Hip-hop has been perceived as violent drug addicts but there is a small group of people who take a different side of the most popular music genre. J-Ro is one of those few who bring the genre to the light. With his new single “Heaven” all bets are off as he brings the hip-hop gospel to a whole new level.

Heaven was released early 2020 with features from the legendary Scarface, Von Won, and Paul Alba. With hard hitting 808’s and a classic feel the record comes in saying “Heaven Is

not Far Away” with Paul Alba on the hook. The first verse brings in Scarface followed up with J-RO for the second verse and closing the record is Von Won. These 3 together on a track brings that classic feel and truly represents hip-hop on a different angle. The vibe is so soothing, and the classic feel makes for a must hear record.

The record overall brings a new feel that steers clear of negativity that we hear in today’s hip-hop. The genre of hip-hop has evolved so much and this record shows that evolution. The energy, the message, it all leaves a feel good sensation in your body that will keep you coming back for more. Heaven is a follow up record to his past single “Son of God” which was released back in 2018. No matter where life takes you or what challenges present themselves. Remember “Heaven” is not to far away.

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