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[NEW MUSIC] Shawn Archer- "4 Yall" | @iamshawnarcher

Who is Shawn Archer you ask? Shawn Archer is the hottest artist coming out the gate in the east coast. The greatest is such a literal term not given to many, and so few can live up to the title. In Shawn’s case he shows no sign of stopping and continues to push with the help of his team at SKE Records. What does 2021 have in store? Well, the question can be asked by simply getting in tune with this hot young artist.

After his 2019 album release “Everybody Won’t Make It” Shawn Archer proves that he can hang with the big boys and will keep up the momentum. Claiming to be the greatest artist of 2019/2020 is a big title but his work ethic is superb and proves that it isn’t just a name, it’s his brand! The Shawn Archer brand has been gaining traction for the last few years with the backing from his team. From online promotion to heavy street promotion, to billboards to radio interviews, he knows and proves that he is the best. Many independent artists show lack of dedication but that is not the case when it comes to this young artist. His wits and goals are high, his mentality is focused, his passion is extraordinary.

After his debut hit single “Mad” off his “Everybody Won’t Make It” album success comes his newest release 4 Yall. The record showcases his truest talent, bringing who he really is to the light. The energy cannot be matched as the artist let’s even his own city know that Shawn Archer is the best and won’t be stopped. Upbeat and inspirational instrumental and motivational lyrics 4 yall is the next best hit coming to the industry. This is a quick one two knockout and breaks the barriers. Future actions will determine the success of this record but it’s looking very promising, and he won’t let nothing stop him, even the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t stand in the way.

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