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[NEWS] Carolina Businesswoman Creates NEW Networking Opportunities for Artists and Business Owners

Networking is an essential practice to growing one's business. It's not always what you know, but who you know as well as who knows you! Prominent businesswoman and humanitarian Tiffany L. Brown knows all about the importance of networking and the wonders it can do for expanding your business and brand, especially being that Tiffany owns and operates several different businesses and wears many different crowns. If it wasn't for networking, Tiffany admits that her businesses may not have seen the results and success it has over the past few years.

Knowing the importance of networking, connecting with others and it being one of the leading factors of advancing in any industry, Tiffany launched Urban City Connect, to create more networking opportunities for business and brand owners from various industries primarily in Charlotte, NC and surrounding communities. Urban City Connect is a band of top business professionals located in The Carolinas that assist Tiffany with organizing and promoting the various networking events and social gatherings with the objective to bring many people together and network!

Learn more about Urban City Connect and it's upcoming events by joining the Urban City Connect Facebook Group and Pages at the direct links below

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Urban City Connect

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