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[Featured Artist] ALYX RUSH | IG: @AlyxRushMusic

Take a look and listen rising young Iowa based pop singing sensation, songwriter and musician ALYX RUSH and his latest single and video "Runaway".

Watch the new music video from Alyx Rush titled "Runaway".


Good things do come from Iowa, and one of the good things to come from the state is pop/ R&B sensation, Alyx Rush! Born in St. Louis, MO and raised in the rural Eastern Iowa by adoptive parents, this thriving recording artist is not afraid to be his authentic self and express his thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences through his art. As a songwriter his lyrics are fresh and unique. As a gifted vocalist his harmonies are beautiful and will send chills down your spine as you absorb his riveting lyrics and timeless melodies. Some of Alyx's musical influences are SZA, Maqego, Tori Kelly, Billie Elish, Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, and Frank Ocean.

As a teenage, ALYX taught himself acoustic guitar, and wrote his first song at the age of 15 which was later recorded at Atlantic Records' Lounge Studios in New York City. Since then, ALYX has embarked on a successful journey in the music industry, catching the attention of local as well as nationwide media outlets, platforms, producers and record labels. ALYX RUSH has performed at dining shows at the Renwick Mansion in Davenport Iowa, various fashion shows in Des Moines, Iowa, co-hosted the Open Mic Night at Pub 1848, played at an invite only event at BBKing Lounge, grazed the stage in various cities and states from Houston, TX, LA, Illinois, Atlanta and more.

Follow ALYX Rush on SOCIAL MEDIA For bookings, questions or features call Management  Natalie @ 309-558-8589 or email

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